IDEA Curriculum Fair 2018: Workshop Information Form for Exhibitors

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The Workshop Information Form is available in Word and in a pdf format, which can be opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Both versions can be saved onto your computer and typed into. Then re-save and attach to an email to Carol Simpson.

To download forms, RIGHT-click on the link. This gives you a drop-down box of choices. Choose "Save link as...", "Save target as..." or something similar and then choose your desktop or any other location on your computer where you want the form to be. Double-click on the form to open it and use the TAB on your keyboard to move forward through the fields (SHIFT-TAB to move backwards).

PLEASE send workshop information via email! The point of this form is to tell you what we need to know. You can attach the form to an email, or you can just type all the information in an email to Carol Simpson.

Workshop Information Form (Word format)
Workshop Information Form (pdf format)

Workshops on Exhibitor Registration Form:

How many? In all locations, we have requests for more workshops than we can accommodate in the schedule. Because of this, you may register for only one workshop per topic; no duplicate titles in the same location. If you would like to book more than one workshop of the same title in Anchorage (where there are more workshop rooms and it is a two-day event), you may indicate this on the Workshop Information Form and we will contact you after March 1 if there is additional room available in our schedules.

How long? All workshops are 1 hour long.

What type?

  • Product Workshops are curriculum presentations or demonstrations that are specific to the materials that you have for sale. There is a fee of $50 for each Product Workshop that you would like to present. There are only a few slots available for Product Workshops; approximately 1/4-1/3 of the workshop time in each location is allocated for Product Workshops.

  • Learning Workshops teach a skill or technique which may utilize your product, but which may be applied without a purchase. The latter are much more interesting and useful to our parents and are therefore better attended. There is no fee to present these, and we do not pay for any presentations other than the Keynote. Please submit titles and descriptions of workshops that you would like to present so that our team can evaluate which ones best meet our needs at this time. We will make our selections by March 15.

Workshop Information Form:

Please complete and send via e-mail (preferred), mail, or fax by March 15, so that the information will be included in the Fair packets. The description (please keep it short!) will be in the Fair booklets, posted on our website, and sent to our families to help them plan their day at the Fair. If you will be doing a Learning Workshop, you are invited to send a short bio as well.

Laptop projectors for workshops:

All workshop rooms have screens. We will do our best to provide laptop projectors to all vendors who request them, but there is limited availability in most locations. We must know well in advance if you need one so that we can be sure to plan your workshop in the rooms with the equipment that you need. Presenters must end their workshops on time. Please invite families who have questions to speak with you outside the conference room so that the next presenter can set up.

Blank workshop schedules:

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