IDEA Curriculum Fair 2018: Keynote Speaker Brian Wasko

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Keynote speaker sponsored by Rainbow Resource Center!

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Brian Wasko

WORKSHOPS that Brian will be doing at the Fair:

Keynote: Don't Look Down: Homeschooling on the High Wire


How To Do Literary Analysis that Doesn't Ruin the Book

How To Watch Television

Ten Mistakes Teen Writers Make and How to Avoid Them (the mistakes, not the teens)

Why Schools Are the Worst Places to Learn Stuff

The WriteAtHome Approach: How to Effectively Coach Young Writers


Four years into his career as a public high school English teacher, Brian Wasko was asked to teach a weekly after school writing class to homeschoolers in his Virginia Beach community. The approach and curriculum he developed over the next several years evolved into, a popular and effective online program helping homeschoolers develop skill in writing. WriteAtHome has served thousands of young writers since it started in 2001.

In 2016, Brian launched Wasko Lit, offering real-time online literature courses focusing on the Great Books of Western civilization. Brian teaches these classes himself, relying on a curriculum he's developed over twenty-plus years.

Brian and his family live in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Brian speaks regularly in a variety of venues, including secular and Christian homeschool conventions, public and charter schools, church and community events.