IDEA Curriculum Fair 2018: Featured Speaker Greg Denning

Attendee Welcome Page ~ Anchorage ~ Fairbanks ~ Juneau ~ Soldotna

Greg DenningWORKSHOPS that Greg Denning will be doing at the Fair:

Bringing Down the Walls of Learning

The Maturity System

The Science of Happy Kids and Happy Parenting

Science of Motivation

Teaching Students How to Think, Not What to Think

Will Power vs. IQ


I love to teach like a singer loves to sing like a bird loves to fly! And I love associating with youth and young adults. I grew up in a broken home and was out on my own at an early age. Those were tough years, and I learned many valuable lessons about life and success. At 16 I started voraciously studying the principles and practices of successful, happy lives. That was 20 years ago, and I'm still studying today because I love to learn, and then share what I've learned with others. After high school, I went to Peru for a couple of years. That's where my love for teaching and philanthropy began.

I returned to the States to graduate from the University of Utah and began my career as a teacher. A few years later, after my beautiful wife Rachel and I had four kiddos, we decided that we wanted to move to developing countries to help serve and make a difference in the world. Since that time we have lived, traveled, taught and served in Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, India, Alaska, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica again, where we currently live with our six children. We have an inspiring and adventurous life!  We love spending time with our children serving in humanitarian efforts, playing at the beach, surfing, hiking and exploring.

My passions are reading, running, jumping off waterfalls, mountain biking and trying to become the very best person I can be.